Prayer Ministry

Prayer is one of the most known devotional habits; nevertheless, many Christians still struggle to accept prayer as their daily devotional habit.  However, prayer is the spiritual practice that connects all other spiritual practices; as the devotional habit, prayer impregnates all other devotional habits, and it’s inseparable from all the others.

Ellen White stated that God is communicating with us through nature and revelation, “through His providence and the influence of the Holy Spirit . . . but these are not enough; we also need to pour out our hearts to Him” (SC, 93).  

Even when we meditate upon His works, mercies, and blessings, that is not enough to communicate with Him, “we must have something to say to Him concerning our actual life” (SC, 93).  As “the opening of the heart to God” (SC, 93), “the breath of the soul, and the secret of spiritual power” (EGW, Prayer, 12), prayer is vital for our spiritual health and growth.  

Every Sabbath, after the worship service, a small group of disciples is gathered for the devotional, discussion and prayer.  We call it "Hour of Power." Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to be added to the prayer list or make a prayer request contact us at